At Lansdown Health Store we are keen on re-use and recycling. So keen in fact, that we've been providing product refills for over 20 years and currently run the only plastic refill stations in Lewes and Uckfield.
We are on a mission to stop waste. We recycle everything we can and most of our packaging is plant-based ensuring less plastic is going into the sea.

Take a look at the impact you have made already...



Plastic bottles reused since 1/1/2019 in Lewes



Plastic bottles reused since 1/1/2019 in Uckfield

Help us create a plastic-free environment

If you are like-minded and want to do your part in helping create a plastic-free environment, visit one of our stores where you can get refills for a number of household products such as:

    All purpose cleaner
    Fabric conditioner
    Laundry liquid
    Washing up liquid
    Body wash

We stock a range of refills from brands such as Ecover, Bio-D, and Faith in Nature

Simply bring in any plastic bottle of any size and we will refill it!